Good Shepherd Residential Treatment Centre
Multi-Modal Team Approach
     Good Shepherd utilizes the multi-modal team approach in fostering growth for the person in our care. Our highly trained, licensed and experienced physical medicine, academic, clergy and mental health professionals, focus their expertise on the individual's goal of wellness.
Programmatic Services and Offerings
     Good Shepherd provides therapeutic resources & nurturing interventions to all of its residents. These include individual & group therapies, drug counseling, academic planning with local schools, specialized tutoring programs, educational assessments, reading remediation, phonics, family involvement week-end seminars, social outings, multimedia arts, crafts, music, community worship and gardening.
  1. Joey Garner, MA, LPC, LCCA
    Director of Clinical Program
  2. Dr. J.Charles Hinds, D. Min
    Founder and CEO
  3. Tracey Williams-Peters
    Facility Manager